Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping Higher: Top 5 Sneaker Picks

Introduction for our readers

The best basketball shoes for jumping are those that adjust well to your feet, and are designed for endurance out on the court. Having skill, strength, and speed may seem enough at first, but making sure you have cool basketball shoes which allow you to up your game can be essential. 

After Nike and the NBA started the trend with Michael Jordan by placing a special place for shoes in basketball, many shoe companies invest millions of dollars in research and development of shoes. 

A pair of basketball kicks that look good is no longer enough. They need to provide key features in the sole, material, and provide the right support. Basketball shoes have changed over time as result of this increase in focus to design the best shoe.

We’ve seen some results from this trend in the past couple of years, and continue to see it even more today. A notable example of this would be the introduction of Nike Zoom Air technology built into shoes for athletes across multiple sports shoe performance is based on speed. 

Another example of the increase in performance, would the the introduction of low top basketball shoes for athletes such as Kobe Bryant and West Brook. Even though the standard is to wear high top basket ball shoes, these athletes decided to go for a changed due to benefits.

Now a days there is so much technology built into each shoe, that its hard to ignore the fact that most popular basketball shoes are regarded as the best for a reason: they help players excel in the court. 

In this article we will discuss some of the best shoes design to increase your vertical jump, offer maximum support, and even help you jump and land better on your feet. You will be shocked with our first option!

Will these shoes make you the next MJ? No. Will they help your game, and help lower strain on your muscles?…more likely. 

The shoes listed in this article offer impressive statistics, and are regarded as top performers across various basketball players.

The following was the criteria we used to select the best basketball shoes for jumping in this article (warning: no apl shoes will be recommended in this article, we found better ones):

  • The shoe’s sole must provide stability, and must withstand many hours of game play. We’ve looked into the quality, and resistance of the shoe, so you don’t have to spend money on another pair of shoes.

  • Prices must be affordable, and easy to buy. We will not be discussing limited Air Jordans, or crazy expensive shoes. These are for both beginners or advanced players who want to get a good pair of basketball kicks at a good price.

  • The shoe must show results based on customer reviews, and must have multiple 5 star reviews. We’ve also looked into reviews that are verified purchases from actual basketball players.

  • These shoes were designed, and built for basketball only. We will not be discussing running shoes, or other hyped sneakers (e.g, Yeezys, Air Jordan 3’s). These are shoes for the court, and to give support for jumping higher.

Here is our top 5 best basketball shoes for jumping:

I know, you were probably expecting to see a list of just Nike shoes. However, Adidas has been stepping up their game for quite some time, and they’ve introducing awesome basketball shoes into the market. Checks all the boxes, and gets the job done. Lets take a closer look… 

Why We Chose This Shoe:

  • Well rounded basketball shoe with a classic mid top design, which allows support to your feet. We like the fact that these shoes are great for basketball, but can also be worn for everyday activities due to comfort, such as wearing them for work, or other types of activities that require you to stand up for long hours.
  • We like the classic design with the Adidas three stripes on the side, however, we are much more interested in the comfort. These kicks is superior in keeping your feet comfortable due to the cloud foam technology built into the sole. The fact that these shoes are one of the most affordable in the list, should make this a perfect pick for most beginner to intermediate players.
  • Besides its comfort and lightweight, this shoe will keep your legs protected thanks to strong impact absorption built into the sole of the shoe. Obviously, this can come in very handy from all the jumping basketball requires. This shoe's sole is also made of rubber, which provides good traction while you are out on the court.

What Do People Who Bought This Shoe Have to Say:

"Much better than I thought. Great value. I haven't played basketball in a couple of years, and wasn't sure if I'd want to get back into it, so Iooked for a low cost pair to start with, assuming I'd upgrade if it keep playing. Have used them twice, not blisters, very comfortable, decent floor grip, and I'm very happy overall, even as a shoe that I'll use until they wear out. Shocked at the value!"
Amazon Customer
Verified Purchase

And yet another one! Adidas has stepped up their game with the Yeezy collection, Ultra Boost running shoes, and are now are bringing their A game with basketball shoes. The Crazy Explosive shoes by Adidas has been considered one of the best basketball shoes out there.

Why We Chose This Shoe:

  • Their sock-like fit make this shoe extremely comfortable, and its traction above average. These shoes will not make you fly, but will for sure make you want to jump on every chance you can!
  • The boost built into throughout the sole of the shoe provides an amazing comfort, and explosive cushioning that you can only expect from this technology. With all that boost built into the shoe, it will for sure keep your feet protected. Due to these factors, these shoes are one of the best jump training shoes available on the market.
  • The material used to build these shoes consists of prime knit and neoprene. The combination of these shoes will make your feet feel lightweight, and free when running on the court. If you want to elevate your game, and try to jump higher, these for sure are one of the top picks.

What Do People Who Bought This Shoe Have to Say:

Overall a great shoe. Quite possibly the best basketball shoe I have ever purchased. The lacing takes a bit to get used to, but once you get the hang of it the shoe fits like a glove without you even feeling it really. It almost feels like you're wearing nothing. The shoe is also very light and provides very good 'bounce'. One critique I would give adidas is to deepen the tread on the sole of the shoe. I have a feeling as the shoe gets older the tread might wear off rather quickly. We'll see.
Amazon Customer
Verified Purchase

Not a Curry shoe, I know. But we have something that is much better. Another top choice from one of Nike’s most ambitious competitor: Under Armour. The Under Armour Jet’s basketball shoe provides enhanced cushioning around the around ankle collar for superior comfort. Why do we think that it should be on the list? Lets cover these points.

Why We Chose This Shoe:

  • While many people would rather spend top money for a pair of Curry's, these Under Armour kicks are set not to disappoint, and help you jump comfortably without putting strain on your knees.
  • Built in enhanced cushioning will help protect your ankles, and knees while trying to jump those extra inches of high. Similar to the Crazy Explosive, these shoes are made out ventilated mesh, which also help to keep your feet light and fresh.
  • The traction built in these shoes is also outstanding. The outsole of the shoe is built out of durable solid rubber with herringbone traction patter, which enables players for stronger on-court movements and have better control.


"I wear Nike & Jordan's but I decided to try Under Armour this year and let me tell you... I'm not disappointed at all. Great shoe not only do they look good on me they feel good. I will be buying around pair. Thank you!"
Amazon Customer
Verified Purchase

A basketball shoe made for one of the legends + GOAT of our time: Kobe Bryant. This shoe is one of the most popular designs from Kobe’s long list of releases, and by far one of the best basketball shoes out there. The Black Mamba owned every player out on the court by scoring, and jumping to nail down those 3 points. If could do it, why not give a chance to these kicks from one of the greatest. We are entering legendary status here…

Why We Chose This Shoe:

  • The traction and grip on these shoes are far much superior the most basketball shoes available today. Although people state that the traction deteriorates a bit over time, most buyers agree that its an incredible shoe.
  • This shoe has Lunarlon mid sole which helps with cushioning, and to protect your feet. The Nike Zoom of the shoe provides additional protection on the heel which helps with increased comfort.
  • The materials and design of the shoes is mostly made of flyknit. This makes the shoe more flexible, and light for anyone wearing it. The shoe helps to keep your feet locked-in, which helps prevent injury and enables faster movements in the court.

What Do People Who Bought This Shoe Have to Say

"Getting compliments all over the arena."
Amazon Customer
Verified Purchase

Our opinion, the best basketball shoes for jumping. Probably not what you expected, however, these shoes rate high on various basketball shoes. This shoe’s traction, support, and fit is among one of the best out there.

Why We Chose This Shoe:

  • The forefoot strap helps to fit your feet tight, and prevents from any heel slippage. Others would argue that this shoe plays similar to Kobe 1 Protro's, which also ranks highly among basketball players around the web. 
  • The materials of the shoe are made of simple textile, and helps to fit your foot comfortable. This shoe also has Nike Zoom Air which provides with cushioning across your feet.
  • The CP3.XI will help you perform at top-level on all positions, and the sale price makes it even more attractive. If you combine this shoe with exercises to jump higher, you should look forward to feeling like you are reaching additional inches in the air.

We did not find reviews in Amazon for these shoes, however, after conducting research we found these shoes to outperform most options available today. We’ve provided below some stats on the shoe from 

It would be a waste if we did not bring this to you guys for review.

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Hope you found this article regarding, the best basketball shoes for jumping, to be helpful for your selection. We hope you enjoyed the content, and found the information here to be useful. 

I’m sure some of you were hoping to see Air Jordans on the list, however, due to how fast shoe technology has involved, there are much better options available today. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong if you do want to play with those. Which ones would you play with?

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